Aristide Is Coming - Panic At Haiti Airport Sunday

What? Aristide is coing to Haiti! -- Rumors spread rapidly Sunday February 6, 2011, that President Aristide got his passport and was coming to Haiti... The airport was under heavy security from what I heard...

President Jean Bertrand Aristide

PVS Canal 16 Reports...

Sunday afternoon, February 6, 2011, Haiti's international airport was tight with UN security forces. Why? Many say that rumors were running that Ex-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide finally got his passport and was returning to Haiti.

Earlier in the week, Aristide's lawyer, M. Ira Kusband, did go to Haiti with a power of attorney to obtain Aristide's passport. At first, Haiti's Ministery of Foreign insisted that Mr Aristide makes the request personally but then accepted that he could scan the request and send it to the ministry. (read more)

Amidst all the wait, Mr. Aristide did not return to Haiti last Sunday.

Why is it so difficult for Aristide to return to Haiti?

Was it because he did not get his passport?

Was it because he did not get international clearance?

Or was it because he may be prosecuted if he returns to Haiti?

Perhaps you can answer some of these questions for us

Reply with your comments.

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All Comments (9)

Medilove says...

De vrai et de principe, je tiens tout

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Ouvriersvictimescdapparel says...

In solidarity,
Joseph Lapp II / Ryan Reetz


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Youngcater says...

aristid has done to many crime its not welcome haiti he need to be in

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Dakor, dakor.

min li dwoue sispam pale parol vie moun fou(vie parol dwoide-goche li yo).

misie merite yon pe-lebrin ak you

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Sophia says...

mwen pa we pouki rezon Aristide oblije gen problem poul tounen nan peyi li. Ayiti se peyi nou tout. menm jan nou gen dwa ladanl de meme pou li, li gen dwa pou li tounen nan peyi li le li

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

foi sa yo pap gintan vin-pran pou yo exil-lel, si li pa rete trankil tankou ti jezi nan po

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Danielle says...

Wouy Jezu si TIPERE sa retounin en haiti sang pral koule panyol soukaye tout manman pitit mare vent! kankou Jenny di moune ki pa kon danse tango al

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Jenny says...


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Genevieve Schiefer says...

saq passe la, pouqui aristide poil en haiti.

nou pa besoin li retournin dutou.

Que li rete en afrique cote li te ye

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