Are Haitian Lawmakers Setting Up A Trap For President Martelly?

SEPTEMBER they say... I was listening to Haitian news today regarding the ratification of the Haitian prime minister and I heard the name PREVAL, then I heard that senators are no longer fighting for political posts, and then... I heard SEPTEMBER...

Michel Martelly, President of Haiti

It almost feels like some people in the majority Haiti senate and the house are waiting for SEPTEMBER to blame President Martelly for something...

What the hell is that all about?

Why was Rene Preval's name mentioned?

What is the connection between President Martelly and the month of September?

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Jean Claude says...

that is just an other page of chaos in Haiti.

When will civilization takes place in this Country?

is it a part of the World?

or a branch of alien?

i do not know. Can some one give me an answer?

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Wilky says...

you know Martelly he says it as is they don, t like it preval don, t likes him, i don, t think he likes preval either.

what kind of trap do you think they can set for Martelly if their set it for september Martelly has enough times to be ready for them to my opinion Martelly probably has to set an

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Veye-yo, this is an act of terror against the Haitian people.

They most go to hell without eyes and

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Lautre Niveau says...

The assination of guyto toussaint is shocking to the country and the diasporra.

I did not know he was involve in such an interesting project triying to bring back tourist to the country the jamel project he started a life cut short he was very important and he help a lot during the earthquake haiti need people just like that to promote haiti image .I m tired all the time of hearing haiti the poorest country on earth is a shame the people reponssible for this never get

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Ben says...

Can you please give me the name of some member of the right-wing republicain party please.CAN YOU ALSO IDENTIFY those directly baking Reponse Paysan in HAITI.


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Veye-yo says...

We will get justice for mr Toussaint whoever you are, it does not matter where you are hiding I guarantee it, you won't be able to take the heat. We already get four of your assassins you should be worry because they will give your name, before the end of June we will get the bottom of it.The haitians people said:enough is enough like it or not they will be out of the tents, their children will be able to go to school, they will have a job where they can provide for their families, they will have access of clean water and health care for all.We said:yes to progress, yes to justice, yes to president Martelly.

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Linda says...

No Ben, Response Paysan may not be directly an American party, but it is certainly a Haitian party that is backed by the right-wing branch of the Republican party.

Haitians need to be aware of

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Lautre Niveau says...

I have something to say about that comment.

I hope is not another coup detat there are planing is a shame nothing could ever go right in haiti there is a lot of traitors who does not care about our country that why our beloved country is such in a mess because of to much traitors there should have been punish according to the law but you know how things goes in haiti anybody do their shit and get away like nothing that why we still need foreign peacekeepers in the country to keeep the peace haitians are not capable of ruling themself instead of putting their head together to make things work for the county everybody will benefit haiti has been suffering for so long it time for change is a shame to have these people representing us.

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Myrtho says...

I don't have any idea about what is going on in Haiti and i am really very confused.Why is the month of September so important.

My concern is: who is running the show ;the president or the

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Jim says...

It is SO SAD and so disappointing to see what is happening in Haiti with the ongoing ratification process of Daniel Rouzier as prime minister.

The legislators and senators, those against changes, are involved in this game of taking time, make us Haitians look like a bunch of stupid people for the world to see. Think about this, it has now been more than one month since Martelly took office and yet, after taking weeks to establish a commission, the legislators are engaging into verifying little information about the appointed official.

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