AP: Haiti has seen a spike in the number of protests in recent months

Not the type of news that brings more JOBS to Haiti but the Associated press has just reported that Haiti has seen a spike in the number of protests in recent months, with a few of them turning violent...

Haiti - Manifestan ap voye wosh sou La Police

It's unfortunate but it true, there has been a spike in protest and Haiti is not what all of us Haitians would like.

The people who contribute to this "SPIKE" in protest swear they are doing it for the love of Haiti...

Let me ask you:

Do you think what is happening in Haiti is justified?

Is there a reason for all these protest?

What do think about all this?

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Rose says...

Use your common sense if you have one. Always let foolish pride obstruct our sight from reality.

In your eyes can Haiti occupy itself idiot.

No changing Haitian's mentality in their perspective of what living peaceful is the key to solution and the step to that process is not simple.

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Rose says...

Read and try to understand.

Just like you give a punishment to a kid for correction.

My statement is to show in how bad the situation in Haiti is.

Haiti is importing everything from Dominican Republic, how do you interpret that?

If they stop selling to Haiti what will Haitians consume?

You need to learn to read and analyze a statement that is pointing a logical

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Natif says...

you f$%^&* idiot

you have absolutely no idea about the relations between Haiti and the DR. and even if you didn't to see what has been happening lately and still say such a inflammatory statement is beyond irresponsible!!!!!.

it's like saying that slavery should be brought back because black people commit crimes.

next time spare us your stupid

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David Grant says...

Even though it may be seemed that Haiti needs an occupation force, I do not think it is advisable that those barbarous Dominicans should be the choice.

Maybe, the United States should once more lead an occupation force to set things

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Barthelemy Kinsky says...

When Dominican wage War over Salami -- If someone really thinks about the latest Haitian-Dominican crisis, one will realize that the whole situation started when the Haitian government passed three bans affecting Dominican import to Haiti.

The first ban concerned poultry and eggs. Haitian health authorities linked a recent case of H1N1 in the Dominican Republic to swine and avian flu. Fearing that the movement of goods of and foods products might be the cause of the disease crossing the border, Haitian officials were quick to call for a halt in commercial exchanges at the border.

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Turenne Jean-francois says...

To all whom says they prostest for the love of Haiti, you are wrong because love means taking care of, tolerance, patience, not voyé wosh et krazé brizé yon gouvemen ki en place.

fils de la

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Maryse says...

Mezanmi, ki nation ki vle vini lan yon peyi konsa mete business?

Se Bondieu seul ki pou sauver Haiti!

se triste e sa fe la peine.

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Fleurdor says...

What Haiti need is an occupation.

Haiti is in such disgrace to itself that even the Dominican Republic can occupy Haiti.

I know it sounds bad that Haiti occupied the Dominicans in the past and that they have to occupy Haiti now. I am telling you, as for me, they can occupy Haiti.

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