Anti MINUSTAH Protest In Haiti Ends In Clash With Police

There was an Anti-MINUSTAH protest in Haiti yesterday in front of the National Palace that ended in a clash with Haitian riot police BUT did you know??? It is forbidden by law to protest in that area right now? Why did INAGUE students choose that spot to protest?

Haiti Anti Elections Protesters Clash With Police

The Associated Press spoke about all the things that make this seem like Haitian police brutality but here is what I know...

Before all this happened, I was listening to a Haitian radio station and I heard two things:

1 - It is forbidden by law to hold protest in front of the collapsed national palace in Haiti...

Reason: There is a tent city right there, across from the National Palace, and the intent is to protect the people living in that tent city from potential assault... Really... Not everyone in a Haitian protest is protesting, there are opportunists mixed in, you know that.

2 - Students at INAGUE, the Institute for International Affairs, said they were going to protest in front of the National Palace anyway... Really???

What is wrong with this picture?

You want to protest for something wrong by doing something illegal!

Does this make sense?

I guarantee you, had I not heard that it is against the law to protest in front of the Haiti National Palace, I would be the same one right now telling you about police brutality in Haiti.

We always sympathize with unarmed men, women, Etidiyan yo, in Haiti who are protesting but guess what... a ROCK is a weapon once it is in your hands...


Dura lex sed lex (La loi est dure mais c'est la loi)

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Ludovic Antoine says...

This is impreative that once one law is applicable and certain people walk against it, any actions of the law enforcement will be acceptable to this matter.

We are against Police brutality, there is no doubt; but if in this case the civilians are in desobediance, or in contradiction with the law, anything can happen, specially if those who are acting wrong have on their possesion any object that can cause arm to any one.The will be subject to be restrained by force at any mean necessary.

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Myrtho says...

I never knew about such law in Haiti.

It is good to learn about it before being judgmental.

If the students were aware of such law, why did they choose to march there.

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Bernard says...

This does not surprise me, I have been saying it for the longest, we need an army to keep things in check, we have a population that is not familiar with democracy, they think democracy is a licence to do anything regardless if it hurts others.

Haiti is not ready for prime time. Now we see why we cannot aford to have the minustah out of Haiti, we can put pressure on them to act in a civil fashion, however if they see the people are acting like animals, they will treat them like animals, its time that those people that are protesting starts educating their followers on the process of democracy and how to behave in a civilized society, because surely my brothers and sisters The majority of the population are still

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Lenord Pompilus says...

li le pou ayiswen yo konnen, lot peyi pa tire roch le yo a fe grev. you can speak your mind and write what you think, but violent is a no

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