Anti-Martelly protestors Set a Haiti Gas Station on fire

Wednesday 14 May 2014 - Protestors set on fire a Haiti NATIONAL gas station at the corner of Rue des Miracle and Rue Mgr Guilloux in downtown Port-au-Prince Immediately after an anti-Martelly protest was dispersed near the Haiti national palace...

Haiti - National Gas Station Set on Fire in Anti-Martelly Protest

According to news reports, the protestors started were throwing rocks in the direction of the gas station and a security guard started shooting to protect the grounds of the gas station and one protestor got shot.

In retaliation to the protestor getting shot, one protestor set fire to the gas station.

There are some report that the fire was extinguished rapidly to prevent extensive damage to the gas station...

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Nadege says...

It's so crazy this family martelly did something I would have never allow my husband to do which is put that burden on my back at its worst but his wife and kids deserve the credit due to their strength.

I see his work the democracy he witness other countries have th behaviors the law but Haiti refuse to be civilize.

No1 will ever be good enough but mad at us diaspora who stayed here smh there's no envy to open nothing there someone fighting for the country but Haiti mind too narrow to see through it. Martelly and his crew busy snow day sunny or not instead of enjoy the beach here the democracy the culture he fighting for home.

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Nadege says...

I am so disappointed, just embarrassed these assholes never change.

I haven't seen Haiti for almost 30 yrs, I was getting happy and planing to visit and even had plans with few friends business wise, which would create more jobs.

But this an eye opener this country only but so much energy u can invest its curse.

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Allrich says...

These protesters should give the country a chance and wait for the next

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Alain Laverne says...

Too das and Too bad for Haiti --- We are

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