Another Police Officer Die in President Martelly Motorcade

Cap-Haitien Haiti - USGPN Agent Duffaut Jacques Junior has died while on tour with Haiti president Michel Martelly in Northern Haiti.

President Michel Martelly walking in a crowd of Haitians

Radio Kiskeya reports the agent was not feeling well while on a walk with the president, he was taken to Hospital Justinien in Cap-Haitien where he later died.

The hospital says Agent Duffaut Jacques Junior's blood pressure was abnormally low, he was throwing up and had severe diarrhea, according to the news report.

Read more from Radio Kiskeya (in French)

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Sandrine Provencher says...

Common guys, I know a lot of you would like to blame the president of wrongdoings.

This is the Haitian way. People do die of natural causes and accidental death too you know. Cut the crap. Give Haiti some breathing

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Loulou says...

President Martelly like to take long walks, a sign that chief of state is in good shape.

But unfortunately, some members of his security detail out of shape and not up to the

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Un Observateur says...

If you read the article on Radio Kiskeya's website it will make you feel like the president has just murdered somebody else.

They talk about "longue marche" de Michel Martelly and "un marathon présidentiel" like the guy is doing something

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