Politicians in Haiti fight to assuming power, not to make Haiti great again!

All this political fighting going on in Haiti right now are more geared towards the assumption of power, not the advancement of the country as a whole, a radio caller said in his comments Thursday.

Haitian street protest sign ask our forefather Dessalines to curse all the sons and daughters of Petion

In his views, the people who are constantly fighting against the current Haitian government (le pouvoir en place), they don't really care whether Haiti moves forward or backwards as long as they are the ones in power.

Add to that a group of people in the economic sector who only see "huge profits" by any means necessary and you have your self a recipe for instability in Haiti.

And once they assume power in Haiti, another group will take to the streets to knock them of course and take over the the leadership of the country.

Ote-toi de la, que je m'y mette -- Get out of the way, so I can take your place -- That's the motto of Haitian politics.

Haiti's Opposition is a Game, NO one is doing this FOR the people, journalist said

Haiti high ranking officials more interested in personal gain than providing service to the people

It's a never-ending cycle.

Question: if this man is right, what are we to Hope for the future of our country?

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Subject: Politicians in Haiti fight to assuming power, not to make Haiti great again! edit

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