A new term in Haiti: Political Entrepreneurs

I was tuning to Haiti news this morning on social media and I heard one of your social media journalists refer to Haitian politicians as political entrepreneurs. Lol... He is so right. Isn't that what they really are?

I am watching this country deteriorate little by little because a whole bunch of greedy ass politicians only want one thing: To take control of the countey so they can have the power to sign shady deals and contracts so they can make their millions.

This seems to be the only opportunity that exists in Haiti. Make a deal with some rich corrupt guy, sign some fishy government contract and hope that Mr rich man will give you a kickback.

Let anything through customs for a kickback. Who cares if it causes the destruction of the country? The politicians would be long gone by then. Besides many of the families members already leave outside the country, we all know that.

And the rich folks? They will be living gracefully outside of Haiti when the s**t hits the fan.

Too bad for poor folks like us!

Haiti needs to be cleansed. I wont to see any more.

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Yanick says...

Do the country need the

What did Christopher Henri do during his

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