A New Haitian Army, Effective 18 Nov 2011

It's official, the Haitian Army will be restored by November 18 2011. How do I know??? Read this...

Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH)

According to a recent article on ...

Thierry Mayard-Paul, the new Haiti Minister of Interior, Territorial Collectivities and National Defense announced the publication for November 18 of a decree for the restoration of the army of Haiti.

"This force is necessary to secure the borders, combat illegal trafficking and enable the State to levy more taxes on the country's borders," Thierry Mayard-Paul was quoted as saying during his installation.

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Jeancarlo Chatelain says...

Depi sou Preval, mwen te voye yon atik bali poul te refome l'Arme.Li pat okupem.Leu MJM monte en 2011 m te revoye min atik la bali pou refome l'Arme, pase m konnin, paiy pam nan se sou L'Arme li fonde, se sou, l'Arme li sipoze pran namm.Mwen te di MJM konsa ke dapre la Constitution, se 2 force ki sipoze gen nan paiyya se pou sa m te explikelkeli te ka gen yon l'Arme de 20000 moun nan yon espace de 10 mwa.Nou gen 10 department, depatmen de l'Interieur te ka ale nan chak Depatmen sa yo recruite 200,jen gason ak fannm, litap banou 2000 nan yon promosion.

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Ronald Altieri says...

Sydoine, It is certainly a pleasure to have share a vibe across this screen with a patriot of your caliber.

In my travels, i have met my fellow Haitians entrenched in all different positions fighting the battles of life with professionalism and humour.

Permit me to say that it is moving and of another level to have crossed words with one such as you in the pursuit of excellence.

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Pierre says...

Neg yo peur paske yo konnen FADH la pap jwe ak vole.The parliement is not agree for the new army just because their priority is money, money,money not the country.Now its time to stop them. I am ready president Michel to put all degrees in a folder and come back just to serve my country via the new force.Its time for

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Sydoine Jeannite says...

Ronaald, Thank you for your Frankness and honesty about Haiti.

I remember when I was a student at College Catherine in Haiti in 1985 I had to travel through gun battle ever so often going home. I remember when I attended Andre Larroche Accounting school in Rue des Miracles in 1986, one night I mearly fainted when I almost came face to face with death.

in 1987, I was sitting my Bacc I exams When i saw man began to shoot at the Lycee in the Carrefour, PAP.

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Ronald Altieri says...

Sydoine, I read a couple of your messages, and although i don't agree with a few of your ideas but with this one i believe we are on the same frequency.

Our last Military Force was there to help promote and protect the political powers and connected groups.

There is not a debate there; for, that is clear, cut and dry. But this new absolutely necessary Military Force should take an oath to protect the nation and its people, and not a political party and a group.

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Sydoine Jeannite says...

Haiti does need a civilized Military Force to compliment the Police Force but it has to be different from the one once led by Prospere Avril, Henry Nemphy, Regala and Roul

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Wilky says...

Dr.D this is a new haiti new people new mentality new formation new jobs we have to stand for our selves noones will stand for us as you may know it. UN can be in haiti forever nothings will be done, sample reason they do what is in they intres what good for them not what good for haitians.

We have to wakeup the times is now let us pray for the

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Toulimen Legrand says...

A new Haitian Army is really needed to stop CIA's crimes on Haitian political dissidents, secure rich people's businesses as well as restoring order there.

Who would benefit the most?

1. U.S. will benefit the most in selling guns to its republican elite in Haiti.

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Paule says...

Dr my ass, so le na gen yon katastroph na rele st domingue ban'n malprop nou pe lame ya pi fo nan nou se vole assasin nou ye, president map rantre 16 novembre poum tan lamem prezidan cherim'nan bam lame eh pi pep la avew ok en ho pap monte en bas pap desan.

ou ce premye moun ki voye pitit pep la lekol, bravo s'ils vous plait pa fe raio nou pat votew pou jounaliste renmen nou votew pou pep la ka manje yon fwa pa jou, nou avew kinbe

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Fritznel Myrtil says...

Yes, yes, yes just do it president don't worry about nothing even some sory depute& senator not doing they

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