A Haitian Policemen Is Murdered, A Deputy Defends Himself

A Haitian policeman, Calixte Walky, was killed in Martissant 7 Tuesday and today, a Haitian Member of Parliament, Deputy Rodriguez Sejour, is on Haitian radio defending himself... What happened?

On Haitian radio today, topic being discussed is that the driver of the Deputy Rodriguez Sejour was in an official vehicle with the deputy's wife when he was detained by police for having in his possession a weapon the Deputy says is his.

After Deputy Rodriguez Sejour managed to release the driver, the rumor is, he made threats to the police (circulation) who arrested him and hours later Haitian traffic police officer Calixte Walky was gunned down.

Deputy Rodriguez Sejour says it is coincidence, he has nothing to do with it. According to news reports in Haiti, traffic police is at a stand-still in Haiti.

Hahhhhh... Mal tet pitit...

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Agent-x says...

A wave of accelerated executions, assassinations and unexplained freak accidents have been in progress since May 15th 2011.

Many of those victims whether they are bankers, deputy,polices or civilians have two thing in common.

Either they were employed in the Aristide Government or they are Martelly opponents.

This butchery need an investigation.

If this trends continues, more people will be massacred under Martelly regime than under Duvalier

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Toudenoir says...

The driver is in possession of a gun licensed to his employer.

That is contrary to law.

The driver is arrested for flagrant delit and illegal possession of a weapon.

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Toussaint L says...

Police officers are prone to take matters into their own hands everywhere, so it's not just in Haiti.

This sounds very fishy to me. The guy was gunned down a couple hours after the deputy threatened him. Why is the deputy on a radio station defending himself?

Is he expected to be charged with the murder of the police

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Lenord Pompilus says...

police in Haiti undestand how the law works, they never will. They need to know toton period is no longer existed in Haiti, If a crime is committed, the criminal must be punished by the law not by the

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