A Haitian Army Is NOT A Priority, Some Say...

There are those who say that, while a Haitian army is constitutional, it is not the priority right now... Do you agree or disagree???

Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH)

Food for thought...

The Haitian army has been criticized for many things but as Haitians we have to admit that since the dissolution of the Haitian army, Haiti has been experiencing a new wave of crimes like kidnappings, insecurity, robbery at gunpoint, homicide, rape, carjacking, and more.

There are those who say that a Haitian army is NOT a priority right now, in the mean time, MINUSTAH is costing Haiti more $800 million every 365 days and Haitians are not feeling any safer

$800 Million... That's a hell of a lot more than what it would cost for Haiti to have its own army of 100,000 troops.

So... To those who say that a Haitian army is NOT a priority now, what do you say?

Do you agree or disagree???

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Monel says...

Mwen se yon viktim ansyen fos sa a.Se yon istwa ki long men m ka pataje kek nan sa mwen te viktin nan lane 1993 .mwen te gen kelke zanmi ki te nan difikilte avek atache ki te baze nan kasenn Gonaive la .Zanmi sa yo se te Cubin "les freres Meteyer a Raboto".Neg yo te pran ti kannott pou te vinn potoprens pou te pran refig lakay mwen nan Matisan 11 # 16 kole kole ak kay konpe filo. Michel Francois ki te vinn konnen ke ti mesye yo te cache lakay mwen yo mobilize lamentin, Anti-Gang, cafeteria ak tout lot frap ki te kantone nan 8 tiem seksyon matisan an pou yo vinn arete 11 jenn gason ki te soti Gonaive.

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Fd says...

as i grew up of son of lt in fomer army i can tell story that i've heard was never possible with the army was in place, we need our own army &police it's time to put forein force out of our

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Bernadette says...

Thank you George.

It takes a smart person to understand another one. But basically all I want to do is to share information and maybe just maybe in the process some good will come out of it.
Most in-Country people who want the army are looking mainly for a steady pay-check.

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Haiti Papou Piyiy says...

very true we need to think and we need to talk with all haitian that living down in haiti to let them know who they are what they stend for we need that respect this is one of those thing we need in haiti united state would never want a haitian army becuase they allwayz want to critic haitian in haiti by all kinna crap even the earthquake thay blame on haitian that living in haiti saying they this they that now we know what make haiti so poor is the haitian parliament because now how friendly they are to those who 's no need to see real change in

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Georges Lowes says...


THinks for having people like you on this board.

When all Haitien can think and talk like you maybe the country will go in a different direction.

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Grenadye16 says...

It is time to think of a new and better army force in our country.

I must confest i am a victim of the last one but any country

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Georges Lowes says...

I like your answer...

We an army force.

Not bad, good thinking...

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Georges Lowes says...

Most of us Haitians are so dumb about what is really happenning in our country, that we are looking at things that made us suffer in the first place.

For years we had an army and what did it really accomlish for us?


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Bernadette says...

Ronel, If I understand you correctly, you think the Army will reduce unemployment and local protection to the people.

Yes, maybe.

But think about if this same money was invested directly for the benefit of the people.

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Sadira Colonel says...

hey ( U.N. ) not get pay by haitain governement ok ( U.N. ) get pay by the ( U.N ) insurance that mean haiti is cover by u.n for any cause.

we don't have money to haitain army now.and plus these peoples I see with uniform that not these we need for a new army. what we need now .#1. remove all these peoples in bad place they are.
#2.add more

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