A Clip From Michel Martelly's Press Conference, 22 Feb 2011

Listen to Michel Martelly's press conference at the Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince as he discusses the revandication of the people he has been in contact with in his travels as a candidate for president.

Michel Martelly After Haiti Election Day 2010

Michel Martelly says that in trying to bash him for what he did in the past, they are making stronger with the Haitian people.

He also had a few words "pou madanm nan..." LOL

Listen and post your comment...


What do you think about what was said at the press conference?

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Meme says...

I dont care what they say about Michel Martelly...Aux grands maux, les grands remedes...mache sou yo Michel by all means

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Morisseaulareine says...

People face the fact, Michel Martelly is the President.

Let's focus on the present and future of Haiti right now.Do it for yourself.

Let's start sending positive thoughts, vibe and prayer for a peaceful home (Haiti).

If any one can do it, it's the man who come in the name of "union".

Remember" l'union fait la

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Nancy says...

richelle toro wa

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Richelle says...

Loser, loser,loser, loser,loser.I understand you nobody, like to seat in that loser seat.But hey Nancy this is your time just depose crek ou chita, because you

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Nancy says...

belkk poukisa sweet micky pe fe

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Consciens Ou says...

I wonder what the mothers of Bookman, Dessalines, Petion, Toussaint louverture, Henri Christophe and Capois La Mort would say if they could see how many abortions are being performed in Haiti because of moral Haitian men and women after 2007 years of independence.

I wonder what these great men would say to say to Michel Martelly about all the morality and immorality of Haitian men and women of Haiti.

I just wonder.

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Nancy says...

the cep is responsible for what's going on right now, only in haiti a guy like that with no moral, no respect for woman could be running for president it's a shame, only in Haiti .If Dessaline, Petion, Toussaint louverture, Henri Christophe could see after 2007 years of independency it's a

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Marie says...

map di verite ou enraje madivinaise se madam matelly verite yo blese dosye nou la nan ambasade americaine lan vale drog nou van sou michel francois ou sonje valme li nan prizon toujou michel nan la ri ya

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Amwey says...

I am saddened.

Would you take a guy from the street who is walks around with his pants down his behind to marry your precious daughter?

Would you take s street thug who curses left and right and hand him a seat in your living room and yet the key to your house?

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Marie says...

manman kaka ou pa fouti pa yon madivinaize salop ou pa we se yon kaka ou renmen ou pa gen gout vye bouze

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