5.7 Millions Reasons Why Duvalier Came Back To Haiti

Some say Jean-Claude Duvalier is back in Haiti to help rebuild... YEP... Duvalier vini pou rebati LEOGANE... But all the money Duvalier has in the bank is probablly not enough to build a 10-mile highway in Haiti... So why did Duvalier really come back to Haiti?

Jean Claude Duvalier in Haiti

There are 5.7 million reasons...

Would you believe this? Everyone is trying to RUN AWAY from Haiti to avoid poverty... Duvalier is RUNNING IN to avoid poverty

New Swiss Laws... Bad for Duvalier's Bank Account

There is a new LAW taking effect this week in Switzerland that could potentially take Duvalier to the poor house... and so... in going back to Haiti... Duvalier is throwing a monkey wrench in the Swiss legal system.

Read this from the Huffington Post...

The "Return of Illicit Assets Act" (RIAA), passed by the Swiss Parliament last October, comes into effect this week.

But why would Duvalier, a Haitian living in France, care about a law change in Switzerland?

Money -- that's why.

You see, the Swiss government maintains an "assets freeze" on over $5.7 million of Duvalier-related bank accounts in Switzerland. And while Duvalier has been fighting the assets freeze for years -- trying to stop the Swiss from confiscating his allegedly ill-gotten gains -- the law that takes effect this week paves the way for returning his assets to Haiti -- thus completing an asset recovery effort that began in 1986.

You like this Huhhh????

Then you will love Duvalier's arguement...

Here it is... An extract from the Duvalier interview to UNIVISION the other day...

About the $7 million blocked in Switzerland, the former President has indicated "In 25 years [of exile], I've never had a frozen account, either in Switzerland or elsewhere in the world." specifying that the funds in Switzerland does not belong to him "These funds belong to the Foundation Simone Duvalier" adding that "Once these funds will be released, most of them will be used to reconstruct the birthplace to my mother [Leogane]"


Jean Claude Duvalier came back to Haiti to rebuild LEOGANE!


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Marie Michelle says...

BULLSHIT! He broke as a M...F, he came back to steal more money.

that low down

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Ketly Jf says...

this is the bestjoke i ever heard i spill my coffee from laughing, maybe the reason he came back is to start a commedy career this guy sould be giving his own reality show his got all the qualification.

The only sad part is how gullable we Haitian are, i cant figure out why we have such short memory, why we are unable to feel empathy, control our greeds and most important of all use our brain on a regular bases (if you dont use your brain it shrunk, hummm this could be an explanation for the ruling class in Haiti they have so few opportunity to use they brain once they done figuring out how to hustle a few more dollars) its these simple human act that will save us from

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Myrlande Janvier Russell says...

Mwen pa kapab ekri kreol tan kou'ou, parole ou ce verite.

Mouen rimmin ni ampil.

Mwen eomspere ampil moun tande et kompre et commence mete tout en

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Petrus says...

If he can address the nation in Creole we will call upon him to leave.

He needs to be Haitian for we don't want to deal with a lost French citizen in

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Marie Elie says...


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Danielle says...

mwen ta swete Tipere vin fe minm jan ede rekonstri ce pa revenge lap vin

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Ronald Altieri says...

Kitemele'nou poukisa Jean-Claude la, ou poukisa intel vle rentre ou poukisa intel vle pati ouo poukisa intel pavle ale.


Fre Souem tande!

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Wison St Juste says...

Haitian want their money back-we dont like the game were playing the international.They always suppoted haitian gov at the all, but when something happened they changed >They want to keep the money, as a leoganais100% we are waitting it to rebuild The City OF The Queen

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David Grant says...

It is regrettable that you misinterpret my comment and turns it into a storm into a tea-cup.
I knew that Mr. Duvlier had instructed the bank to made available some the money to Haiti, as part of the effort to reconstruct Port-au-Prince.However, the bank misconstrue this gesture as a ruse.They,(the bank) contend that if they had obeyed mr. Duvalier, He can in return claim the legal owner of the loot.
I am very much surprise at your arguement, or your outburst.

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Jean Claude Poincivil C says...

Duvalier was the one to ask for the return of that money to Haiti after the earthquake and he had promissed to monitor every dime of it so the Haitian people could benefit from it. Now, what is your point?

In Jacmel, we all supported Duvalier and we had told everyone if they forced Duvalier to leave Haiti would face the worst of its history.

Now, what do you see?

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