16 Senators Hold Haiti Hostage

Dont mind me, I'm just thinking out loud... 16 Haitian Senators "Hold Haiti Hostage," a radio news reporter says in today's morning news.

Haiti Palais National Revision Stamp

These 16 senators, called the "Groupe de 16" are firm on their decision that they will NOT approve Bernard Gousse as prime minister of Haiti.

I have an idea...

Why does the president of Haiti even has to waste his time to choose a prime minister?

Why not just let parliament shove a robot minister down the president's throat?

I bet you they would still be fighting amongst themselves.

You see? That's what happens when you keep yelling at your powerless little kids. They grow up with all that resentment... They cant wait to be THE BOSS...


Woy fout...

Yo vinn chef...

Moun mele!

Peyi antrave!

Is it me or is the Haitian constitution designed to WASTE time?

Screwed up elections delay the time for a president (the head of state) to be sworn in... Screwed up parliament delay the time for a prime minister (the head of government) to be selected and start his job.

Time goes by, lajan gaspiye, the people get no results...

Here is the best part...

Assuming that this system BAD for Haiti's health, guess whose job it is to fix it?


Feel like thinking out loud too? LOL...

Reply with your comments

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Haspyl Lazarre. says...

They are not senators, but Monkey business.And unfortunately, Haiti is under their power.Then they have the opportunity to turn it down for the biggest Wastebasket in the world.They have money, houses and lots of vehicles:no matter how dirty and ignorant they look.They do not even know the meanings of being senators or Deputes.What a pity for HAITI and President MARTELLY.They are under apes` rules, but apes disguized into Senators and Deputes, as the saying goes, working for the country and the

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Reggie Cherubin says...

While i may forced to agree with you, i would also like to remind you that there are 2 kinds of people in this world: Those who talk, and those who take action.

Sometimes we wind up killing an entire generation by seating and watch, when we could have taken action.

I used to be so proud to be Haitian (which i forever will be), i decided that i would never become a U.S. Citizen even though i was already serving in the Military for 5 years and counting.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Reggie, in case you don't know, killing a man is very easy and after that you will find it even more easy to kill more.
Word of advise.Bad only deserve to die
Stop talking.

If you are sure he is guilty of such act, you can get him down like a dog."Gousse"
Take action on your own is legal because Haiti is a lawless land in

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Harold, just take it easy.
From very good and reliable source, something is cooking in the pot.
Are you kidding?

you think this could stay forever like that?

Well, get ready for the result of these craps of the parliament if next week or two they don't get their acts

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Leo Henry says...

I am very upset with all Haitians selfishness.

The president asked for $1.50 to pick for education, but the selfish take $2.00 in each transfer.

That should fix immediately if Haitians suppose to do the right things.

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Reggie Cherubin says...

What is the criteria you base your assumption that the President's choice was a bad one from?

Did you even know that "Gousse" was the main force behind that 2004 operation against all the those kidnappings that were going on in Haiti?

Only that time, he understood that the orders were coming from higher government officials rather than just those guys that we kept seeing on tv, being detained?

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Harold Fleurine says...

Iam sick to keep hearing those craps styl in the haitians parlements, can the haitians people all overs the country do somthings?we need people in PORT-AU-PRINCE, LARTIBONITES,PLATEAUX CENTRAL HINCHE()NORD, FORLIBERTE, PORT-DE-PAIX, LES CAYES, JEREMIES,JACMEL, GONAIVES,CITEZ SOLEIL, DE PARTEMENT NIPPES WAKE-UP PROTEST AGAINST THOSE SENATERS

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Kenold Pierre says...

Hay Rick: Laugh all u want.

We can try to get logical about it.

but when people upset, It's some thing else. my question is.

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Rick says...

News guy..u just make me laugh.

The haitian constitution provides that there is to be a prime minister.

Therefore, there has to be one, no matter how long it takes.

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Kenold Pierre says...

Just for the record: We ' d like to know the names of these opportunistes sans pitie .Haiti will be better off without these guys.

It'not fair for the country .But guys if you talk to people living in Haiti about the current situation, they 're getting very upset, they 're waiting for the president's signal to go after them.

Just like you and I see it, the haitians living in Haiti say the Prez wants to do good things for the contry but these thugs stop him from doing it.We do not call for violece, we don't like violence .But neg sa yo gin epe damokles pendie anle tet

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