13 Million Dollar Lawsuit filed against Haiti and Rene Preval by Canada Businessman

A Businessman has just filed a lawsuit against the Republic of Haiti and former President Rene Preval for the sum of $13 million... He claims to have been thrown in prison for trying to revive Cimenterie d'Haiti and competing with a rich family in Haiti...

President Rene Preval

According to journaldemontreal.com, Businessman Charles Edward Narcisse filed the lawsuit for the "immeasurable" damages he suffered between 1996 to 1998 in Haiti...

According to the complaint, which was filed at the courthouse in Longueuil [a city in the province of Quebec, Canada], October 17, the story of Mr. Narcisse began in 1995, when he went to Haiti, at the request of a cousin, secretary of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to advise the government on reviving the Cimenterie Haiti, a Haitian company that closed its doors in 1993. Mr. Narcisse was appointed CEO of the company

To make along story short... Mr. Narcisse was subsequently arrested and thrown in jail for 2 years because the functioning of Cimenterie Haiti was in conflict with the financial interest of one of Haiti's most influential families who was importing cement into Haiti

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Ti Lou says...

Haiti is virgin home for smart people to come become multi millionaire.

The deal went wrong somewhere.

Good luck with the law

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Maggy Gousse says...

Wow, sorry to say however if everyone who was thrown in jail and who suffered severe injuries by the Republique D'Haiti and it's President in office at any time from the Father Duvalier moving on, Haiti would not be existent as far of finances.

Maybe look at this lawsuit action as an awareness to all who suffered in any way. Speak up! This said including my father who was a retired Haitian Canadian of 70- yrs old ish, in Canape Vert in Haiti, minding his own business, being arrested apparently for no valid reason, forced to walk with the "gendarmerie Royale" (ha, ha for whatever that was!) with no shoes through the street of Port-au-Prince, huge humiliation, and having gun shots by his ear that made him 90% of hard hearing.

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Subject: 13 Million Dollar Lawsuit filed against Haiti and Rene Preval by Canada Businessman edit

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